Rolling Wheel Knife Cutter Kitchen Gadget

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The hottest must-have kitchen gadget- theRolling Wheel Knife Cutter; combining two of the most important inventions EVER- the knife & the wheel – creating the perfect Rolling Knife!

This circular knife rolls easily through your food or vegetables giving you precision cutting and saving SO MUCH TIME. Perfect for dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing each and every time! From cutting carrots – to slicing herbs – to mincing garlic, this will quickly become your new favourite tool in the kitchen!

  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Not Available In Shops!
  • Dicing, slicing and chopping takes HALF the time.
  • Eco-friendly, Easy To Clean
  • A MUST HAVE For Any Kitchen & Baking Enthusiasts
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe


"Great little knife for the kitchen!" Dan Ready, Northam★★★★

“This is a top quality rolling knife. Was very surprised with it when it first came as this is the first time I have bought this. Really pleased with it, now so easy for me to cut the vegetables with this knife and cooking food has been made a lot more easy for me with this rolling knife. Also, it is really well made and i would definitely buy more for relatives.”

"Brilliant, I purchased this for my brother" Tom Jeffs, Pensworth★★★

“Brilliant, I purchased this for my brother, he is autistic, he is currently learning how to chop fruit and vegetables. He was very dangerous with a knife so I am extremely pleased that he has this item! He was able to cut the vegetables much thinner but more importantly he was a lot safer! Fantastic design!”

"Brilliant!" Rachel Reeves, Digbeth★★★★

“I got this for my kitchen initially as a pizza cutter as mine fell apart.
It cuts pizzas perfectly but I also now use it to slice my meat too.
I plan on trying this knife with other food types like fruit and vegetables.”



Traditional knives all have one common deficiency; the force you apply on the handle diminishes as it goes from the handle, through to the blade, and then to the cutting surface.

  • The circular knifecuts your food on the FIRST roll of the blade, each and every time!
  • Holding down on the brake transforms it into a chopper! Great forchopping the tops off of carrots, lettuce, celery and more!
  • Makes cutting easy asplus is even easier fortenderizing! Makingmeat prep a breeze!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just return the product and we'll refund every single penny or send you a replacement. No questions asked.


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  • 1 year warranty included as standard

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